Gone Surfing
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Why not considering switching your annual beach getaway to the off season? Maybe the best time for most of you! Imagine no water traffic, lower rates and uncrowded beaches.. moving your holidays earlier or later of the most popular months has many benefits!

It's not just about the cost and great deals! If you think the best windsurf vacations are not only about windsurfing alone but includes quiet walks on the sand, intimate dinners and feeling like you have the sea all to yourself, then off-season holidays is for you. Visiting Palekastro when the tourists are gone or not arrived yet lets you absorb and enjoy the local landscape and culture and everything Gone Surfing and Crete stands for!


The season has just started, everything is green and blooming, the beauty of Crete landscape at its best. The sun and wind is there, the best way to prepare for an amazing windsurfing summer!

From May 1st to June 15th

4 out of 7 days / 7 out of 10 days Rental

4 out of 7 days* 195 €
10 out of 14 days** 330 €
*You choose which 4 out of 7 days you wish to enjoy windsurfing depending on the wind
**You choose which 10 out of 14 days you wish to enjoy windsurfing depending on the wind


1 week 215 €
2 weeks 345 €


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