There are numerous options for accommodation. The area has not been spoiled by huge hotels and has preserved its laid back atmosphere. Most accommodation options are apartments, rooms and houses. We collaborate with numerous travel agents so we can provide the best options for you. Whether you travel alone or with family, we will try to accommodate your needs as best we can.

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East Crete is famed for its good food and hospitable atmosphere. Most of the restaurants in Sitia are along the paved beach road, where you’ll see tourist restaurants offering international food, but also more traditional tavernas, with relatively reasonable prices and many different Cretan dishes and recipes.

Locals call the little tavernas serving mezedes (titbits) rakadika. You can enjoy your mezedes with raki, but you can also choose to wash them down with wine, beer or ouzo.

Some of the traditional local dishes areomaties or omathies (pork chitterlings stuffed with rice, chopped liver, sultanas and spices), xygalo (type of creamy cheese), above all, the sweet cakes.

Sitia is famous for its xerotigana (crispy pastry spirals with honey), which are slightly softer and lighter than those you may have tried elsewhere.

The kalitsounakia (sweet cheese pastries) are small and square and leavened with yeast.


There are several bars and cafés which work as bars in the evening.

You can enjoy a drink in one of the seafront cafeterias and bars, with a view of the sea or the Kazarma fortress in Siteia, prettily lit up at night, or chilling in Paleksastro Square.

You can also find bars in the side-streets of Siteia. Some of these are small but welcoming and tastefully decorated. The nightlife is not exactly hopping; things are relatively calm and quiet, as it is not a place for clubbing, but you can certainly enjoy the warm, lovely nights in a more relaxed atmosphere.