Gone Surfing


Our team knows how to work hard and has experience in a variety of working environments. We understand how vital a holiday can be and we want to ensure that you will forget about your boss, your bills, the pressure of daily life and your mother in law. We guarantee that you will FEEL that you've GONE SURFING. Your experiences at Kouremenos will remain unforgettable to you. Life is too short to wait.

Christos (owner)

Being in the water is his life; he was thrown into a pool at 5 years old and was trained as a professional swimmer. After a break for University and completing his military obligations he returned to the sea with a new passion for wakeboarding which was later replaced by windsurfing. Windsurfing transformed his life in so many ways that everything else became irrelevant. He became sponsored by Funsports in 2007 and continued his windsurfing career till date. His mission now is to spread the contagious windsurfing bug! His dream is to pass on the exhilarating feeling of surfing the Mediterranean shores. He is now part of Fanatic team http://www.fanatic.com/team/christos-zimatikas/

Marion (General Manager)

mariaMarion's incomparable energy is truly infectious.  Her effortless smile and warm company will instantly disarm you and make you feel at home. With a bachelors in Physical Education and training in a variety of sports she is a valuable member in our team. Marion has five years of professional experience in surf centers and nine years of experience in customer services. She will make sure that you are happy and taken care of from the moment you arrive in Kouremenos to the time you leave. Her expertise lies in event organizing; from beach barbecues to excursions and great parties. Prepare to be entertained because Marion is unstoppable. She will do everything in her power to make your holiday an experience of a lifetime.

Spiros (Co-Owner)

Spiros is one of the most well known names in the Greek windsurfing scene. He is the owner of Funsports, the biggest windsurf shop in Greece and has a 20 year history in sport trade. He has been taking part in windsurf races for over 15years and has a very successful surf-business career. Spiros is the man working behind the scenes of Gone Surfing, providing precious knowledge and expertise. He is married to a Cretan woman and has a special connection with Kouremenos.

Our team has experienced countless hours of teaching different levels of windsurfers; from beginners to advanced sailors. We can teach you how to do your first beach-start to doing double loops.  At Gone Surfing we stand behind our teaching capabilities 100% we can guarantee you will learn fast and well. We take safety very seriously and we ensure that our customers are well informed about all the safety procedures. Above all we show respect to the sea and the environment and are as eco-friendly as possible.


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