Gone Surfing


Summer 2019

We offer lessons for beginners, intermediates and advanced windsurfers.

Beginner* Intermediate** Advanced***
1 hour Private/Incl Material 40 € 60 € 60 €
1 hour Private/Excl Material 30 € 45 €  
3 hours Private/Incl Material 100 € 160 €  
3 hours Private/Excl Material 80 € 130 €  


 Beginner Lessons Group of 2 or 3 
 1 hour Including Material  30 €


Specialized Equipment

All lessons are done with specialized beginner equipment from Fanatic and Duotone which are in top condition, they are light and easy to handle.

Certified Instructors

Our instructors are experienced and certified in windsurfing and they love teaching.

Different Approach

Although we have a great step by step programme for teaching, our instructors are adapting to the student differently. Our group lessons are with maximum 3 persons to ensure success and to make sure you will enjoy and have fun!

* Learn the basic theory and safety issues. At the end of the course, you will be an independent rider, knowing how to tak and jibe, going upwind, beachstart and returning at the same place. 

** Intermediate lessons are considered a step up lesson, you will learn to waterstart, how to jibe, how to use the harness, getting in the footstraps, planing for the first time and blasting upwind. Here your confidence is built up to advance to the next level. Intermediate lessons are private.

*** Advanced: Chop Hop, Fast Tacks, Jumping, First Freestyle Tricks. Advanced lessons are private.



1h private lesson, material included: 90€
2h private lesson, material included: 160€

Our methodology is based on an individual approach and every lesson is private. The foils and foil boards we are using are the easiest to learn with. Safety is always first, impact vest and a helmet is mandatory and are provided for free. Every person needs a different approach, so we use different methodology and we are adjusting accordingly. The instructor is following you with a powerboat and is doing also filming of your first flights! After one hour you will know the basics of windfoiling and you will be able to enjoy some airtime. After the lesson, you will be able to rent a foil board.


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