We are happy to announce that in 2021 our equipment list got bigger and better. Committed to continual improvement and quality, we are offering now the complete range of Fanatic boards in different editions!!!

You will find Carbon and Limited editions (WAVE, FREESTYLE, FREESTYLEWAVE, FREEMOVE, SLALOM), Bamboo Edition (GECKO, HAWK), CWS, BGS, HRS Edition (FREEWAVE, GECKO)
We are one of the few windsurf centers that we provide the best windsurf boards and sails for your young guns also.
The RIPPER, Fanatic developed a setup guaranteed to get the next generation hooked on windsurfing; a sport they can grow passionate about and enjoy for years to come.
Gone Surfing is the first station in Crete and one of the first in the world to offer Windsurf Foil in 2017 and now WingFoil. For 2021 we are offering different boards and foils for different levels and styles, our foil family is getting bigger. Check them out!!
Finally, fun is what we are all about, and for one more year you will find two very special Tandems from Fanatic, come and try them with your friends.

* With our rental system, your straps will be fixed to your preference during your stay.

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