Commonly, even the most experienced surfers lack knowledge of basic safety inside and outside the water. We, therefore, have beach rules to ensure everyone’s safety. Their purpose is to protect our way of living without littering the environment and to make our beach a safe place for everyone. If you have more suggestions, please tell us.
*Keep in mind that the following are just guidelines. They are not formal or forced on anybody. The purpose is to educate people and keep them safe.

In the Water

Keep in mind that there are swimming areas, a small harbour, and buoys that mark the sea entrance.
We have to respect other sea users. So first, the fish, then the swimmers, and we are last in this chain.
Be aware of the swimmers’ area and beach bars.
Avoid conflict with others. You are a surfer, and we like to keep the ZEN. Surf and have fun!

Avoiding a collision at all costs is the overriding rule of thumb, even if it means going against any of the following ‘right of way’ principles. Use common sense.

Give Way to:

  • To ALL swimmers, snorkelers, divers, fishermen, and beginners.
  • To the sailor on Starboard tack (it is the sailor sailing TO the beach here).  As you face your board’s nose, the starboard is on the right side, and the port is on the left.
  • The downwind board. This means that a board upwind (windward) overtaking a board downwind (leeward) must concede the right of way.

Use caution in any situation facing powerboats, jet skis, etc.

Do not force right of way on someone.
More experienced windsurfers should manoeuvre around new surfers and not expect them to completely understand the right-of-way rules or have full control over their board.
Look Back when you jibe every time!

Ask us about the weather forecasts or read the weather report.
Although the equipment is brand new and top-of-the-line, nobody can guarantee it will not fail.
Do not sail in conditions that exceed your sailing skills.
If you have a problem sailing, do not panic, the sharks are well-fed by us every morning. Sit on the board and wave your hands. Inform close-by sailors.
If you see someone else having a problem, help them if he/she is in danger and inform us as soon as possible.
Inform the Reception of every change you make, especially if you have finished windsurfing.
If you do not feel well, taking a day off is better.
Do not sail if you’ve drunk alcohol.
We do not forbid peeing in the water, although the fish may not like it!

At the Beach

Leave your equipment at least 2 meters from the water. People love to walk along the beach, and we don’t want to block the entry/exit to the water for other windsurfers.
ALWAYS secure your equipment. NEVER leave your sail without being attached to the board.
If you have a break for more than 20 minutes, please put the rig back in the shack.
If you notice a problem with your equipment, inform reception, and we will take care of it.
Please do not litter. It’s our small piece of paradise, and we love it. Use the bins.
Do not leave anything behind except for your footprints on the sand.
Respect other beach users, especially if they are bigger than you.

Sail Safe, Respect Others, and Have Fun