Gone Surfing


Kouremenos is the perfect location: the perfect wind from flat water to bump and jump conditions. The Gone Surfing team has years of experience working in surf clubs and helping amateurs and professionals reach their surfing goals. Once you visit Kouremenos, the warm sunny weather, the relaxed family atmosphere, and the guaranteed wind will remain etched in your mind forever.

When in Kouremenos you don’t have to worry about the wind forecast, it’s windy almost every day. Kouremenos beach is exposed to 'Meltemi' winds amplified by the 'thermal' effect of the hot summer. It is the perfect spot for beginners to speed and freestyle junkies. There is a place for lone soul surfers as well as families. The bay offers a safe environment, with cross-off wind and flat water, and it is close to other surf spots that provide a variety of conditions, depending on your interests.

Kouremenos is unspoiled by mass tourism; it has untouched natural beauty with characteristic Tamarisk trees and unique landscapes. There are also plenty of quaint villages in the area where you can try the authentic Cretan cuisine and drink the infamous raki. Kouremenos is easily accessible; the airport is located next to Siteia (a nearby town), and ships are coming to and from Heraklion twice a day.


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